Since 2011, WooCommerce has become a standard for low-upfront-cost ecommerce. We can help with enhancing, improving and integrating WooCommerce to turn it from a generic solution to a bespoke and optimised ecommerce platform.

At DevGroop we have years of experience not only working with WooCommerce but WordPress in general. We have been working in ecommerce for more than two decades and have extensive experience optimising, styling, securing and extending WooCommerce. We have integrated WooCommerce with other third party systems (including service providers’ APIs and ERP platforms) to provide extra functionality. Examples include live deployment of services during checkout or automated export of customer and order data to the ERP/CRM.

The underlying nature of WordPress and WooCommerce mean it’s possible to enact faster development than with many other platforms; its relatively clean code and hook system mean that it is highly customisable. Despite there being a wide range of plugins available for WordPress, these are often installed without due diligence and understanding of their impact. It is, however, often possible to achieve the same or better output through a custom module whilst minimising the negative effects on load and responsiveness.

We are able to assist at any level with a WooCommerce implementation. Please do get in touch if you would like a friendly chat about how you might wish to initiate, improve, integrate or secure a WooCommerce site.