Concept Design

DesignGroop provides initial stage design for vehicle interior and exteriors. We have successfully been involved in new rail vehicle designs for light rail, suburban and intercity stock for the UK, Spain, Ireland and Austria. Our role is typically as design support for a larger contractor.

Redesign & Re-Engineering

In the UK rail industry, rolling stock capacity is an ongoing issue. As the Government and train operating companies look for ever increasing cost efficiencies, many rail vehicles previously expected to fall short of future disability regulations have been given new life through the application of PRM TSI regulations, rather than the more prescriptive RVAR requirements. This initiative, supported by ‘targeted compliance’ will allow many vehicles to continue working beyond the 2020 threshold, subject to certain re-engineering.

At DesignGroop we have experience providing design concepts, visuals, refurbishment proposals and layout/capacity options for the re-engineering of a wide range of UK rolling stock. Whether looking for substantial proposals as part of a wider fleet upgrade, or simply suggestions for a refresh, we can help.